For 99 percent of gym-goers, the need to drop weights is a symptom of taking on more than one can handle. Unless a shoulder dislocates or there is some other medical emergency during a set, there should be no reason to engage in this behavior. Confession: I go out of my way to humiliate the people who engage in this practice. Last week a man (boy) 10 years or more my junior was huffing and puffing while bench-pressing 45-pound dumbbells. At the end of his set, he released a huge grunt while dropping the weights to the floor with a thud. He quickly surveyed the area to see if anyone was impressed by brute strength. In what I admit was a passive-aggressive move, I grabbed two 100-pound dumbbells and proceeded to quietly do twice as many repetitions as the punk. I then properly sat up sites with the weights and gently placed them back on the rack from which here. they came. He quickly vacated the area and I smiled with pleasure for a job well done, even if mildly humiliated by my own immaturity.